Hope Without Borders - USA/International

To contact us by e-mail: hopewithoutborders@hwb-intl.org

To contact us by mail (USA Office)

Hope Without Borders-USA/International

P.O. Box 170323

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA 53217

Nairobi office: 

Hope Without Borders-Kenya

C/O St. Stephens A.C.K

Nairobi, Kenya


Hope Without Borders-Kenya

P.O. Box 13-90145

Athi River, Kenya

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Hope Without Borders - USA/INTL

Board of Directors - 2013

Lance Parve, President-Executive & Engineering Director, lance.parve@hwb-intl.org

Doug Kappler, Vice President-Business Development Director, hopewithoutborders@hwb-intl.org

Wally Johnson, Treasurer-Architectural Director,  wally.johnson@hwb-intl.org 

Mark Hagert, Consultant-Financial Director, hopewithoutborders@hwb-intl.org 

Julie Parve, Medical Director, julie.parve@hwb-intl.org

Charissa Kappler, Education Director, hopewithoutborders@hwb-intl.org

Dennis Dern, Secretary/Outreach Director, hopewithoutborders@hwb-intl.org

Community Outreach Coordinator, hopewithoutborders@hwb-intl.org

Hope Without Borders-Kenya

Board of Directors-2013

Duncan Mahalivu, Executive Director

Joseph Kuria, Treasurer


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