After having great success with the Red Elephant Project and helping girls around the world stay in school, Hope Without Borders decided it was important to help out the boys and young men as well; hence the Blue Lion Project. What can we do to help? We saw the direct impact of helping girls with the Red Elephant packs and decided to put together something similar for the young boys and men. Since the problems are different, the solutions are different as well; however, we wanted to put together a program that teaches young boys and men to respect women, while also providing everyday toiletries. We wanted to teach about hygiene, respect and honor, while respecting cultural differences and promoting dignity. In the slums of Nairobi school-aged boys are allotted one pair of underwear, which they wear EVERYDAY. To them, wearing underwear is a sign that they are not the poorest of the poor, but with no way to wash the underwear and have them dry by the next morning, they instead wear the same pair daily. Sometimes the smell is overwhelming. In conjunction with the Red Elephant Project, we believe we can create dignity that will impact them positively and launch them into more successful teenage years.

In May 2019 we visited one of the schools and the boys had started a “Blue Lion Club” and started raising chickens. They now have over 200 chickens and are able to sell the eggs to pay for their school supplies. In May we erected another chicken coop to house another 200 chickens. The selling of eggs will help pay the teacher’s salaries.

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One step towards education is one step out of poverty.

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