Volunteer Trips

Every year Hope Without Borders organizes international volunteer trips. On overseas trips, we work together to provide medical care, water wells, sanitation systems, microbusinesses, training, and community development services that bring HOPE to communities in need. Teaching is at the core of what we do. Our teams are made up of university students, practitioners and professionals, who have an interest in sharing their skills and knowledge with others in order to positively impact their communities. If you wonder what we really do on our trips, read and click on our Travel BLOGS. If you would like to join us as a volunteer on one of our trips, please click on and fill out an APPLICATION.. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be required to become a member of Hope Without Borders (see below). You will be required to be cleared by your healthcare provider in order to participate. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Parve (Trip Coordinator) at: julie.parve@hwb-intl.org.

Here are our volunteer trips for 2018: 

2018 trips:

Kenya/Tanzania: FULL May 2018: Applications being accepted now. We plan on continuing ongoing projects such as teaching health topics, helping patients with access to healthcare and assessing for future projects. We will enjoy a 2 day safari as well. This trip will be 14 days. Cost: $4475. This trip has been approved by CUW.

Nicaragua: FULL May 19-26, 2018: Join Hope Without Borders (HWB) during Summer break for an adventure. We will travel to Nicaragua to deliver healthcare to those in need in the barrios of Managua. We will also visit an active volcano and go zip-lining (optional). Of course we will go SHOPPING.* This trip has been approved by CUW and CCON. Cost: $2200

Kenya: May 2018: FULL A group fo nursing student from Concordia University in Ann Arbor will be joining HWB in Kenya to learn about healthcare and to deliver healthcare. This trip is only open to CUAA students and has been approved by CUAA.

Uganda: January 2019 (Info coming soon)

Once you have submitted a volunteer application and are accepted to go on a volunteer trip with us you must become a member of Hope Without Borders.

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“Africa Will Change Your Life”

By: Jena Cruciani, RN (Volunteer Trip - March 2012)

How did Africa impact me? When I was asked to write this article I was like “psh no big deal, super easy, going to write it in five minutes and email it back”—wrong. Why may you ask? – let me tell you. Africa was the MOST amazing experience that I have ever, EVER been a part of. After you get past the 16 hours of “leisurely” plane travel, and you step foot into the African sun, something begins to hit you. You probably won’t realize it at first—I know I didn’t, but ever so slowly something changes you as a person. The first time you step foot into our medical camps, the schools we partner with or the slums we trek into, and you look at your surroundings, you look at what you are doing, what you are going to accomplish and who you are helping you become overwhelmed. Now, I’m not talking the overwhelmed like you have a pathophysiology and pharmacology exam in the same week, I mean overwhelmed with hope. Realistically speaking, even with the 1000+ people you will help see in the camps, clinics and schools, you will not be able to help everyone or solve their lack of access to health care, but here’s what you will do: You will inspire people, you will help people, you will shed sweat and tears for people, you will change peoples’ lives, but most of all, you will give people hope. You will walk into this with 20 strangers and leave as a family. You will make a difference. So buckle up, grab hold of something steady (you will need to in the vans) and get ready, because Africa will change your life.

Treating patients at the Medical Camp in Marangu, Tanzania 2013

Treating patients at the Medical Camp in Marangu, Tanzania 2013